Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Green Day Sing Clampett...

I've probably already posted this on my Facebook page of Likely Looney, Mostly Merrie but I do want to post this again. In An Itch in Time (a 1943 cartoon directed by Bob Clampett), there is that famous song that is believed to be written by Clampett called Food Around the Corner that was used throughout the cartoon. It's a pretty catchy tune if you must agree that it's also appeared to inspire the American rock band Green Day in their early years before they wrote good material.
Here is the original song in the Clampett cartoon.

Now here is the version by Green Day as they sing a song part of the Looney Tunes:
This video was filmed in a live concert of Green Day back in 1993 in Wigan, England. They are trying to sing a different song to the audience which they've clearly got from An Itch in Time although and try to sing like country/folk but terribly. The audience don't seem to have any reactions because they're clearly rock buffs and not cartoon fans of Looney Tunes - but I bet that they don't even know the song in the cartoon, either. Green Day written some pretty weird song in their earliest albums (pre-1994).

Green Day didn't get good until around 1994 with their album Dookie. But that's all I'll go into the band since I do not want to go too off-topic on this WB cartoon blog. Although I wanted to include it since I found this video interesting and I posted the original song in the cartoon and see what you think in comparison.

Just a very brief post but I may be too busy to blog often with my school-work and all; but I'll try not to be a stranger here...

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  1. The band's animation connection doesn't stop there as they had vocal appearances on an episode of "King of the Hill" ("The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteburg"), and "The Simpsons Movie".