Thursday, 13 November 2014

My first published work...

I know this post has virtually nothing to do with Warner Bros. or even a cartoon review; but I feel the need to share to you readers, on a recent piece of work I'm most proud of.

Some of you may be aware of the most recent release of Didier Ghez's fantastic book series, Walt's People, which is a compilation book filled with interviews and other aspects of Disney history. Earlier this week his latest volume (Volume 15) has been released. Some folks may raise their eyebrows.."another book about Disney history?". True, there have been a huge number of books containing about Disney history, and less from other studios; but the more the merrier I'd say, as Disney had saved a lot of its great history.

This is a book meaning a lot for me, as I have made my first contribution towards a book about not just Disney history, but animation history too. It's a good feeling to have a piece of work published and contributing a small piece of animation history. I spent a good three years of sporadic research on pioneering Disney effects animator: Cy Young; whose work is best known on the earliest Disney classics like Snow White, Fantasia and Dumbo. It was a real learning experience on writing my 12-page essay on the animator, with a lot of information which I don't believe has ever been revealed to any historian before. I'll let you guys find out when you buy the book.

I felt that I had to share it in this blog (as I have no intentions of updating my old blog anymore); but I hope you will read my work and feel enlightened by it. There is also a lot of really good material in the volume, to which I will list in order:

Foreword: Mindy Johnson

Dave Smith: Bob Cook
John Culhane: Grim Natwick
Michael Barrier: Clair Weeks
Bob Casino: Willis Pyle
Didier Ghez: Charlene Sundblad about Helen and Hugh Hennesy
Göran Broling: Preston Blair
Cartoonist PROfiles: Preston Blair
Steven Hartley: The Life and Times of Cy Young
Michael Barrier: Lynn Karp
Autobiography of Basil Reynolds
Alberto Becattini: The Life and Times of Riley Thomson
John Culhane: Ward Kimball
John Culhane: Wilfred Jackson
Jim Korkis: Ham Luske’s children
Michael Broggie: Stormy Palmer
EMC West: Guy Williams Jr.
EMC West: Buddy Van Horn
EMC West: Suzanne Lloyd
George Sherman: Roger Broggie
Jim Korkis: Karl Bacon & Ed Morgan
Dave Smith: Bill Martin
Jay Horan: Bill Evans
John Culhane: Card Walker
Didier Ghez: Mike Peraza

The latest volume is currently available through Amazon, and if you are keen to buy a copy; then go right ahead and enjoy! 


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