Monday, 3 September 2012

College Begins...Vital Message to Readers

I should alarm you again that I will once again be away. I'm starting college today and I arrive in the evening. I plan to be there for about two years or so. When I go to college; this does mean that I will be away again because I will be boarding at that college. I will get the chance to do A levels at some subjects and I'm hoping to take History, Media Studies and ICT. Of course, as I've done this before - you may think I will be back on some weekends. To tell you the truth - only some weekends. The blog isn't gone forever and it certainly won't be but I will just update it less.

If you are a member of my Facebook group: simply called Likely Looney, Mostly Merrie - then you will be able to find out about my updates as each post I post it to the group so followers or readers will be notified. Of course; it is a little bit annoying because I enjoy the comments I receive from you but then again I think after that summer of doing a lot of reviews - I should get a well-deserved break. Academics come first; I've already completed school, but I'm moving onto college where the hard work will be coming back again so I will be studying. Also to let you know; because we have to stay weekends and do Saturday morning lessons: to make up for it we do get longer holidays like a month off Christmas and Easter, and two months for the Summer so don't be too alarmed. Enjoy looking at the rest of my stuff on his blog while I'm absent and my first Exeat is on September 21st-23rd (its every three weeks I get a Exeat - and you should see a review up on that date. I do get my own free laptop but I think the internet access could be strict and I don't want to be distracted with blogging.

In the meantime - enjoy watching some cartoons for me. Enjoy this screen grab from Operation: Rabbit  a really funny Wile E. cartoon with Bugs.

One day I hope I might end up being a genius like Wile E. - without the satire. Enjoy. Ta-ta for now.


  1. Good luck with college, Steven. Glad you don't have to take any irrelevant classes like they make students do in the US.

  2. Coincindetally after your last catoon review for a while WAS colleg-erelated:"Katnip Kollege"(6/11/38).Good luck (see my comment on the cartoon review mentioned.)SC

  3. One day you hope you might end up being a genius like Wile E. - without the satire. Enjoy. Ta-ta for now.

    You're already there my friend.

    Good luck with college.