Friday, 27 July 2012

Birthday Bugs

I've no time for a review today because I'm still jet-lagged from my flight but the reviews will be posted tomorrow. Just a remainder of course that it's been 72 years today since the release date of A Wild Hare which is of course; the first official appearance of Bugs Bunny; after a couple of prototype appearances.

Here, I'll make a very quick and unofficial tribute to Bugs - with YouTube showing his cartoons that he's played over the years...

Bugs' first official appearance directed by Tex Avery; but wasn't christened until the next cartoon - Elmer's Pet Rabbit.

Bugs Bunny when his voice was meant to be an impression of James Stewart. This takes place in Chuck's slow-paced era and was probably trying out comedy here; although the gags are alright - the timing was slow.

Bugs in this fairy-tale spin-off in 'Little Red Riding Rabbit' one of Friz Freleng's greater comedy cartoons.

Of course; Bob Clampett handles his version of Bugs where he's made him such a nuisance and a pschyopath in his 1944 cartoons - particularly in Hare Ribbin'.

Bugs Bunny faces one of my favourite villains - Gossamer. Bugs Bunny is very funny when he pretends to be a gay stylist which was animated by Ken Harris.

Bugs with  my all-time antagonist to Bugs - Yosemite Sam who is based a lot on Friz Freleng. There is amazing Gerry Chiniquy animation particularly the dance sequence, and the chase sequence; Virgil Ross also handles the introduction scenes in the saloon.

Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam again in my all-time favourite WB cartoon - High Diving Hare.

Another great pair (only in maybe the first two shorts) features Wile E. Coyote who challenges Bugs. A very good pair as they're both very smart in different ways. Wile E. - academically and Bugs is street-smart. Ben Washam handles the introduction scenes; with Ken Harris animating the entire sequence of Wile E. trying to cook Bugs with the stew machine. Phil Monroe animates the babydoll bomb sequence; while Lloyd Vaughan handles many scenes such as the UFO sequence; the "will and testament" sequence and much of the ending; with the finale by Ben Washam.

Following by the sequel to 'Duck Amuck' where we got to see Daffy Duck humiliated on the screen; this time Bugs gets to be the loser this time as he mostly wins much of the time. Ben Washam is the sole animator on this short where he makes it very appealing. Asides this cartoon, this is one of the rarest cartoons where Elmer Fudd defeats Bugs in the end.

That's all the clips that I'm going to gather for now. I hope you enjoy the viewings.

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