Monday, 19 March 2012

Buddy Publicity Drawing...

Just a quick post... While reading my copy of Leonard Maltin's wonderful book about Hollywood cartoon history Of Mice and Magic there was a publicity drawing that I saw of Buddy that came to an interest to me.

I have no idea who did this drawing but it's a drawing from the Buddy cartoon - Buddy's Garage. It caught me to an interest because we know that the designs and drawings in a Buddy cartoon are very bland and uninteresting but this publicity drawing (probably drawn at the Schlesinger Studios at the time) caught me an interest. This is certainly drawn in some style and it's drawn in some type of comic form. The bully has some style in there definitely and it shows the speech bubble reading "Quack".

I don't know very much about publicity drawings made at WB but I guess it means that they were created to try and attract attentions for the upcoming cartoons I imagine even though it would've been drawn in a different type of form. Buddy has no appeal whatsoever in the design he is created but here I quite like that cartoonie looking Buddy as he certainly has some style here. The drawing is quite loose here as I mentioned the cartoonie form but it makes me think - why couldn't it be like that in the actual Buddy cartoons as they are just bland as hell. I've not seen the Buddy cartoons shown in such detail here before like on the brute. In a way the actual style is weird as it's not like the cartoon style of Warner Bros. that we know of - only because of the comic look.

I thought it would be a fine idea to post this as I've already surpassed watching the Buddy cartoons and reviewing them; and that showing this drawing around and comparing that it looks more snappier than the animation drawings.

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