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46. Bosko's Dizzy Date (1932)

Here is a review in which was a remake of Bosko and Honey which was supposed to have been released earlier in 1932, but had to be reworked due to so many reuses in it. Bosko's Dizzy Date is the remake and improved version, and if I did review Bosko and Honey it would be reviewing the same thing.

Warner cartoon no. 45.
Release date: November 19, 1932.
Series: Looney Tunes.
Directed by: Hugh Harman.
Producers: Hugh Harman, Rudolf Ising and Leon Schlesinger (associate).
Starring: Johnny Murray (Bosko, Wilbur).
Animation: Rollin Hamilton and Bob McKimson.
Musical Score: Frank Marsales.

The short starts off with Honey and Wilbur having a violin lesson in the learning room. Wilbur is trying to learn to play In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree while Honey is trying to teach him. After a few muck ups, Honey keeps interrupting everytime he goes sloppy and to start at square one. After a couple of attempts on going back to square one, nothing gets better - as Honey gets even more impatient towards Wilbur. Wilbur gets fed up with his violin lessons and shouts "I wanna play cowboy!", but Honey keeps on asking him to try again. After he tries again, she gets fed up and goes over to the phone to ring Bosko.

The phone is ringing, but Bosko is fast asleep but Bruno enters the scene trying to wake up Bosko by licking his face, but Bosko replies "Go away Bruno!", as he turns to the other side of his bed. Instead, Bruno runs to the telephone that's really desperate to be picked up. Bruno picks up the phone and barks. Honey recognizes that it's Bruno on the phone, and asks to put Bosko on.

Bruno drags Bosko out of bed and continues to bark, in which Bosko walks to the phone as Bruno leads him. Bosko picks up the phone groaning in a gruff voice "Hello", but as Honey answers "Come on over, Bosko", in which Bosko turns enthusiastic and replies - "Ok Honey". As Honey hangs up and returns to the learning room, she finds Wilbur standing on the piano keyboards playing some upbeat music on the piano. She claps her hands to Wilbur warning him to stop. Wilbur jumps off the piano and slides down as he continues his rather annoying violin lesson.

Bosko is cycling on his way to Honey's house as Bruno runs and follows him. Bosko does a trick while cycling as he jumps through Bosko's arms as he grabs them together like a loop. Without looking, Bosko bumps into a pipe, but as they exit the tunnel, Bruno is riding his bike as Bosko is running like a dog barking. Now that's funny as they are changing roles. As soon as they bump onto another pipe, Bruno is a dog again and Bosko is on his bicycle again. 

Bosko continues to ride but as soon as he gets onto a treadmill, the treadmill rides backwards as Bruno is running inside it like a hamster, and Bosko can't control himself to go forward. The treadmill lands on a gap where there is a river, so it stops and Bosko continues to run as Bruno catches up. Bosko then brakes with his bike, but bumps onto a gate which sends him flying into Honey's house.

Bosko pulls out a saxophone as Honey can hear the sound from upstairs. She steps out at her balcony and finds out that it's Bosko. There is now a dance on the balcony scene in which they start to sing the song, (We've Got to) Put that Sun Back in the Sky, but Wilbur doesn't appreciate their music talents. Bosko starts to do some step-dancing on the wooden walkaway. It seems amazing on how every new dance for Bosko in a new cartoon is sort of new each time. 

Wilbur continues to imitate Bosko and Honey (but he always has a special dislike for Bosko), so he grabs a bathtub full of suds, with the soapy water landing on Bosko. He thinks he is swimming after the water lands on him. Another one those shenanigans caused by Wilbur, but at least it wasn't as brutal like putting barbed-wire on his crutch.

They both are on the bicycle with Bosko cycling and Honey sitting on the steers. Bosko suddenly rides on an area with lots of bumpy stones which nearly makes the bicycle trip. As soon as the bumpy stones are gone, they continue to sing but then there is a bumpy rock that sends Honey flying but Bosko pedals faster for Honey to land safer on the bicycle. She tells him to be careful next time. They continue to sing and Bruno follows holding a picnic basket.

They end up riding in a farm: at first they ride inside a hen house with a hen running out of the scene. They still continue to ride totally unaware of the farm they are trespassing. They crash inside a barn, in which Honey is riding a bull (see, no udder), but then she falls off the bull.

Bosko steps out of the barn laughing at Honey because of the joke he pulled on her. She personally didn't take it as a funny joke and is rather insulted. Bosko laughs, "That sure was funny", with Honey's reply "Oh yeah??" She scowls at Bosko and turns her back on him. Bosko just whistles in innocence. You'll notice in the background that the clouds are getting darker, until lightning strikes. The lightning frightens them in which they start to scram.

It's good to see that Hugh Harman added some new animation into it like the farm scene for instance. Originally the sequence was just re-used animation sequence from Bosko's Holiday in which he eats the sandwich, and Honey scolds at him with the exact same animation.

Bosko and Honey run away from the storm, as there are thunderbolts striking as well. Bruno runs as well - and as a sign of cowardness; he hides at a rabbit hole with his bottom sticking out. Suddenly a thunder bolt strikes at his bot in which Bruno yelps in pain and Bosko & Honey don't return to save Bruno. Instead, they hide under an archway. He sings that no more water will pour on him, but a pipe right on top of him has water flowing out soaking Bosko completely. Well, the jokes on him when Honey replies "You're all wet, Bosko" - and that's all folks.

Comparing this cartoon to Bosko and Honey this cartoon was a real improvement to what Harman-Ising made before. In Bosko and Honey about 50% of the animation was reused that even Warner Bros. were aware of that and they wouldn't accept it. The animation in that was mostly reused from Bosko's Holiday and much of the animation in Bosko's Dizzy Date was actually the original animation from Bosko and Honey. I liked Bosko's Dizzy Date, I think there wasn't much animation - but to me I feel that the cartoon went on an expensive budget due to the new limited animation and the details in the background and characters - and the fact with new animation in it. But, I guess it would make it even cheaper that they recycled most of the animation from Bosko and Honey as it was being reworked - but this version is better, even though both shorts were exactly the same but with some slight changes.

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