Monday, 25 July 2011

Introductory Post

Hiya folks - you may be familiar that I already have my own blog - Blabbing on Arts and Culture. Recently, I decided to take up a challenge in which I have to review every single Warner Bros. cartoons (Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies) in chronical order - all 1004 shorts. No kidding, from Bosko all the way up to Cool Cat.

I decided that whilst I start watching the cartoons, that I will review and reflect from my own point of view and go through a little bit of history. In this blog, I may very well talk a bit about Warner history - and go through posts with extracts of writing from books, and whatever you would like to see written there.

I will still be continuing to write my own blog, but in the meantime that I've launched a sister blog - I will also be writing it. So, in the meantime - I will be writing two blogs at the same time. Maybe, I could make a mosaic on some breakdowns that I have on Looney Tunes, but I don't have very many.

I may start posting on this new blog - very, very shortly and start posting reviews of the earliest Bosko shorts - even Bosko, the Talk Ink Kid.


  1. Congratulations on the chronological blog. Don't feel too bad when you realize the filmographies are flawed and we can ultimately only guess at some of the chronology.

  2. Thanks Ted - I know I have to review them anyway.

  3. Congratulations, Steven Hartley...I added some release dates for some cartoons whose dates get mentioned wrong, in books like "Tex Avery: King of Cartoons" and "Of Mice and Magic".